Toddlers (18 Months to 36 Months)

Younger Toddler
We have two separate Toddler Rooms that allow us to separate the Younger Toddlers just coming in from the Infant Room and the Older Toddlers that are getting ready to be a big Preschooler. When a Toddler is approximately 27 months of age, they are welcomed into the Older Toddler Room.

Children at this age learn mainly through play. Recognizing the importance of play, our teachers plan weekly and/or monthly themes around activities which involve lots of play time.

While children are at play, our teachers will be working on the following skills:

Language Development

  • Clarity of speech
  • Following single and multiple word instructions
  • Expressions of wants and needs through verbal skills instead of pointing

Social and Emotional Development

  • Interaction with peers
  • Sharing
  • Participation in group activities

Large/Small Motor Movements (Coordination)

  • Walking, running, throwing, catching, kicking balls
  • Holding eating and drinking utensils
  • Playing with play dough, bread dough, cookie dough
  • Putting things away into small containers

Self-help Skills

  • Dressing, eating, drinking, sitting
  • Toilet training
  • Washing


  • Music, singing, dancing
  • Artwork
  • Games
Your child will be able to explore, test their boundaries, and investigate everything we have to offer them. Our Toddler Classroom provides a variety of age appropriate materials to enhance the growth process of your child. Your child will learn through listening, watching, experimenting and practicing.

Our teachers will also work on defining appropriate behavior. The teachers will carefully and gently redirect each child in a way that he or she understands and learns. Learning how to use words instead of acting out anger or frustrations is very important at this age. This will be worked on daily.

Time spent in the classroom is both teacher directed and child initiated with a focus on activities that both encourage creativity and develop large and small motor skills.

We would love to have your child experience the wonderful ways of learning at Children of Tomorrow!

Find Out More

We encourage you to come in and see for yourself why Children of Tomorrow is a unique learning center that you and your children will love. To set up a tour, simply call us at either our Chanhassen, Waconia or Norwood Young America Center.