Family Information

Weather Closures

At times, emergencies such as severe weather can disrupt COT’s operations. Our main goal is to remain open as many business hours as possible while also taking into consideration the safety and security of everyone involved. In extreme cases, there may be a circumstance that may require COT to close, open late, or have an early dismissal. We will take into consideration what our local school districts, community, and state are choosing to do. The final decision will be left up to the management team of Children of Tomorrow

Illness Policies

With cold season upon us, we would like to thank all of you for taking the extra precautions of keeping your ill children at home. During this season, there is a lot of ‘stuff’ going around. Your precautionary measures have been appreciated as we all attempt to keep the illnesses of our center at bay. Please refer to your Parent Handbook for more details regarding these policies such as a fever, undiagnosed rash, etc.

Details at drop off/pick up times

Thanks so much for your diligence in checking your child(ren) in/out on our Procare system! Just a friendly reminder to be sure that you are accurately using the system at both drop off and pick up. If there is any issue with your clock in/out, please write it on the log sheet next to the computer. Thanks so much!

Please remember that your door code is unique to your family and should not be shared with friends or others in your family that may help with occasional pick-ups. Guests should always ring the doorbell and wait for a member of the COT staff to let them in.

It is COT’s policy that only grown-ups use the key pad and that children stay with their parents at all times during drop off and pick up. The safety of all of the children here at COT is our number one priority! Thanks!