Carver Children of Tomorrow Childcare Center

Children of Tomorrow’s Carver location is our newest location, opening in September 2017. Our Carver location opened to provide more childcare options to the local families in this growing community. Like every Children of Tomorrow location, our Carver center offers unbeatable childcare that nurtures, encourages, and supports every child.

Our Carver location offers:

  • Children of Tomorrow’s largest outdoor play areas with age-appropriate climbing structures—a must see!
  • Clean, gorgeous, and bright classrooms featuring beautiful artwork
  • Educational programs that include: Spanish, music, physical fitness and nutrition
  • A center that aligns with our goals and missions for every Children of Tomorrow location

Children of Tomorrow meets the educational objectives of all learners while fostering healthy self-esteem and student success in all areas of life.

Infants Program

6 weeks up to 18 months

We have two separate infant rooms that allow us to separate mobile infants from non-mobile infants. When an infant is approximately 10 months of age, they are welcomed into the Older Infant Room. A loving, caring, nurturing environment is provided where the mobile infants can move around more freely without effecting the safety of the younger infants.

Toddlers Program

16 months up to 36 months

We have two separate toddler rooms that allow us to separate the younger toddlers just coming in from the infant room and the older toddlers that are getting ready to be a big preschooler. When a toddler is approximately 27 months of age, they are welcomed into the older toddler room.

Preschool Program

3-5 years old

Our preschool programs focus on creating opportunities for your child to become aware of themselves as an individual person. Children will paint, trace, color, cut and paste and use their creativity to produce a final outcome! With our programs, your child will become eager to learn and want to succeed. Our preschool programs are planned according to each child’s needs. We divide our preschoolers into three classrooms (3 year olds, 4 year olds and 5 year olds) to better meet the varying capabilities and interests of this age group.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Research demonstrates that high quality Pre-Kindergarten increases a child’s chances of succeeding in school and life. At Children of Tomorrow we provide a high-quality, play-based curriculum. We are teaching these children pre-academic foundations for a successful elementary transition. We make learning fun so the children will strengthen their social skills, be able to interact with their peers and build their confidence as they take their next step.

School Age Program

6-9 years old

The school age program at Children of Tomorrow is a place for fun, learning, and growth for 6-9 year olds. Students depart and arrive at Children of Tomorrow through the bus company provided by their school.