Pre-Kindergarten Program

The pre-kindergarten program at Children of Tomorrow teaches children foundations for a successful elementary transition, helping children strengthen their social skills, interact with their peers, and build confidence as they move into their school years. Children enter the pre-kindergarten program after preschool and before kindergarten.

Your Pre-Kindergartner’s Day at Children of Tomorrow

Every day in our pre-kindergarten rooms at Children of Tomorrow, you will find:

Learning: Our pre-kindergartners are learning essential literacy skills for reading and writing readiness, basic social studies, how to use science to observe, predict, and experiment, and simple math skills.

Participating: Learning to follow oral directions, using good listening, and feeling confident in asking questions support our pre-kindergarteners.

Art: Pre-kindergartners express themselves through creating artwork and learning to identify different parts of art.

Meals and Snacks: Each day, Children of Tomorrow provides fresh, wholesome, and kid-friendly meals through a catering service. Our meals meet or exceed guidelines established by the Child Care Food Program, MN Department of Education, and the National Association for the Education of Young Children standards.

Communication: Each day, you’ll receive electronic communication through our Tadpole program to communicate information on meals, snacks, naps, and classroom activities. Daily, open communication with parents is extremely important.

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